Feb 11

Where is a Software Suite for a Startup?

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Why isn’t there a suite of software that a startup could take off the shelf as a starting point for its own development environment? Our evaluation of the possible hosting solution for our software revision control system has been going well. However, that’s only a small part of what it takes to manage a software project.

What about project management or task management or tracking bugs or sharing documents? Read More »

Feb 11

How to Host the Software for Your Startup

Programming in the large and programming in th...

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As a software company you need to allow a team of developers to work on your source code together and to backup that code; that’s called software control or revision control. You also need software tools to control who has access to the code and to release versions of your product.

Staying with my goal of creating a dirt cheap software startup, rather than looking at commercial software revision tools, there are several free tools available like CVS, SVN and GIT (If I’ve lost any of the non-techies here, don’t worry; you can get buried in the terminology when it gets to software; check with your developers about what their favorite tools are and go from there). Read More »

Jan 11

Creating a Dirt Cheap Software Startup

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I decided to leave my full time job recently to concentrate on creating my own software startup company. I want to create apps for Android devices, including Google TV.

However, here is the catch: I want to do this with as little money as possible! We live in the age of the internet and everything can be done online, right? Well, I’m about to find out.

Since I’m starting with myself, I don’t need an office; I can work from home. I have a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone and a good internet connection. Now, I need to figure out how to set up all the other things that make a company work and would eventually allow a small team to work together on software projects. Read More »