I’m Leon Nicholls – A software designer and developer with experience working for various internet, VOIP and consumer electronics startups.

I’m a geek at heart and love gadgets. I believe that science and technology are tools that can improve our lives and help make us better people.

I was born in Cape TownSouth Africa and moved to the USA in 2000. Since then I’ve worked in several places across the US and have worked on many interesting and groundbreaking products. After a long wait, I finally became an American citizen in 2010!

I live in Plano, Texas.

At the beginning of 2011, I decided to leave my day job and tackle something I’ve thought about for a long time: creating my own software startup.

I’m interested in developing apps for mobile and entertainment devices. I’m trying to create the company with a low-budget and using online tools.

My hope is to have a small team of people in the company that share my passion in doing fun projects.

This blog is about sharing my experiences creating my startup.

P.S. So what’s up with the name “Entertailion”? It’s a combination of words: entertainment + lion (I’ve got a cute little lion toy on my desk that inspired the site logo)

ENTERTAILION LLC is registered in Texas, USA.