Dec 11

Able Remote for Google TV

We have released our first app for Google TV. It is called Able Remote and is a remote control app for Google TV devices. Read More »

Dec 11

Google TV

Google has released an update to their Google TV software that includes a new user interface and support for the Android Market. More importantly, it is now a good platform for developers to kick the tires of this product. Read More »

Jun 11

Phantom Probes available in the Android Market

We’ve just released the Android version of our new game, Phantom Probes.

The goal of the game is to guess the shapes of invisible phantom objects. Each phantom object is hit by various probes. Based on the reaction of the probes, you can guess the shape of the invisible phantom object. The probes have very realistic responses and stunning particle effects.

We have a free version limited to the first 5 levels and a paid version for $0.99 with 50 challenging levels and 100 shapes.

The game has also been uploaded to the iTunes Store and is currently waiting for review. If everything goes well, Phantom Probes will launch in the iTunes Store on 13 June 2011.

Mar 11

Online Habits

I like keeping up with the news. Now, I can’t remember the last time I bought a newspaper or a magazine. Over the years I’ve gotten into the habit of getting all my news online. I have a routine that I go through daily that I thought I would share with you. Read More »

Mar 11

Picking a Platform

As a small startup we need to focus our efforts on building apps that will meet the customer’s needs but also let us stay within our abilities and resources. Supporting the growing number of mobile devices and platforms can put a stretch on our ability to generate profitable products. We’ve been thinking very carefully about how to handle the cost of supporting iOS vs Android and mobile phones vs tablets. Read More »

Feb 11

Getting To Know Our Users

Knowing how well our projects perform is very important to a small startup like ours. To keep our costs low, we need to know as early as possible which ideas don’t pan out. We want to follow a strategy of determining from real users what features they want. We are just beginning to understand how we could achieve these goals using various tools. Read More »

Feb 11

Testing a New Product Idea

Now that we have our first app in the Android Market, we want to start thinking about the next app. We want to design our first full-fledged product specifically to generate an income. We’ve considered several concepts that could be turned into interesting apps, but before we make any real commitment to any of these, we want to test the concept with users first. Read More »

Feb 11

First Android App Released

Android Market

We just released our first app in the Android Market! This is a big milestone for our little project. We wanted to develop an app to confirm that we had all the components in place for us to tackle larger software projects in the future.

We learnt a lot about what we need from our development tools and how to manage the project. Getting an app done requires a lot of careful thinking and lots of details that we didn’t initially anticipate. Now we feel good about taking on the next project.

Read More »

Feb 11

Down to Business

Holding the articles of incorporation of the company was exciting. My dream of creating a dirt cheap software startup was becoming reality. These official papers was one more step in the process of getting the company on its feet. For those of you who have never created a company of your own, let me walk you through the steps I took.  Read More »

Feb 11

First App for Our Startup

We needed a way to test the development environment based on JIRA Studio and the best way we could come up with was to do a real app. That way we can go through the entire life-cycle of a project and confirm that the tools will do the job. And more importantly, we’ll start working on the kind of app that interests us.

Actually doing a project, and not just talking or thinking about it, is a world of difference and we’ve learnt a lot and its opened our eyes to many things that we hadn’t considered before. Read More »